CMS Development Services

CMS development and customization services

Publish, retrieve, update, delete and reuse content of any type using a friendly interface.

Using a content management system is the best way of managing a website. Whether your website has multiple webpages, blog posts or you have a shopping cart or an online store where people can carry out transactions with you, a robust CMS (content management system) can prove to be invaluable.

Get a custom CMS developed from scratch or customize an off-the-shelf CMS

There is no dearth of choices when it comes to using a CMS for your website. We have a team of experienced programmers that can build a cutting-edge CMS for your business from ground up.

The CMS that we build for you will be able to meet all your online publishing needs. We will incorporate a shopping cart if you want. We will incorporate a content editor if you want your staff to be able to manage the entire website from a single dashboard. Every function that comes with a contemporary CMS, we will build into your custom CMS. We can also customise popular CMS solutions such as WordPress, Magento or Joomla! (just to mention a few among many). For example, 26% of all the websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress. But, no matter how great a CMS is, if you want to use it for your own business, you will need to customize it, you will need to make it look like your own website instead of standard, default layout that comes with every CMS.

Our time-tested CMS development process

At Pixel Web we follow a strictly-defined and time-tested process for every project we undertake, and the same holds true for developing your CMS. Having a clearly-defined process keeps us focused and we know that if we follow all the steps including in the process, there is near to zero chance of going astray. Here is how our CMS development process goes

01 Research and Discovery

02 Wireframing and Prototyping

03 CMS Design and Customization

What makes us your best choice for CMS development and customisation services?

Prior experience with scores of clients
Strong programming base
Design and technology driven CMS solutions
Search engine optimization inbuilt

CMS development and design for all needs

When you partner with us, you will have a CMS that will completely take care of your needs. Whether you or your employees want to use the CMS on their PCs or laptops or their mobile phones, they will be able to seamlessly maintain your product listings, your webpages and your blog posts without any interface-related hurdles. We will use a mix of new code and existing libraries to build the perfect CMS for your business that will give you

  • 100% portability and compatibility.
  • Cross-platform operability.
  • An agile approach to CMS design and development.
  • Access to the latest interface features in mobile phones.
  • CMS framework of your choice (WordPress and Magento).
  • Custom website design and mobile interface.
  • CMS integration with existing website.
  • Migration of the current website to a CMS-based website.
  • The ultimate CMS development and design partner for your business needs

    Whether you are aiming to publish an online newspaper or magazine, a content-intensive website, or an online retail store, we can build you a robust CMS system. Whether you want your CMS built from scratch or you would want an existing CMS framework to be branded and customized according to your business, our services will perfectly fit the bill.